Scans and alerts: keeping websites secure

Website security can be a complex ordeal to manage. From web server vulnerabilities to web apps SQL injection or Cross-site scripting attacks, the spectrum is wide enough to offer many entry points to hackers.

What I like about our SaaS solution is that it is simple enough to put into place and offers both proactive and realtime protection.

As new vulnerabilities are discovered each day our scanners are updated to find them. Same goes for new versions of the majority of software running on a web server. If you own a website, all you need to do is schedule regular scans and you will have some peace of mind.

The scans create “tickets” for issues that were found ranging from High to Low. A High ticket should be addressed promptly as it indicates there is something that puts your site at risk.

Regular check-ups are one thing, but unfortunately aren’t good enough. A website’s security from a vulnerability point of view can lead to a hack, but we have seen many people who simply don’t have the time or resources to take care of possible flaws that could put them at risk.

In fact most people will only do something once the damage has been done. Kind of like going to the dentist every 6 months, versus going when your teeth hurt.

We have designed an alert system to that effect. If your site goes down, gets flagged by Google or other blacklists or if sensitive information can easily be obtained using advanced search operators:

The idea is that you are notified as it happens and hopefully can react quickly enough to contain the damage.

With our SaaS application (or API), you can provide your customers with a value-added service while increasing your own revenue by adding our technology to your web services.

You can learn more about our product at the following URL:

Jerome Segura