WordPress scanner added to SparkTrust Certified

We recently added a WordPress scanner to our SparkTrust Certified product.

Most websites compromises come from CMS like WordPress that aren’t up-to-date. Hackers can easily inject malicious code onto the pages with whatever intent they have in mind. Innocent looking websites end up serving malware to people who browse them. As a side effect, such websites are quickly blacklisted by Google, blocked by Firefox, Chrome or IE.

One of the things our scanner does is look at which version of WordPress is running on a particular site. If it is outdated, we create a warning and alert the owner.

With our SaaS application (or API), you can provide your customers with a value-added service while increasing your own revenue by adding our technology to your web services.

You can learn more about our product at the following URL: http://sparktrust.com/web/docs/SparkTrust_Partner_Mode.pdf.

Jerome Segura