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Are hidden processes slowing down your computer?

Have you noticed that your computer is running a bit slower? The problem could be programs and processes running without your knowledge. This can drastically affect your PC’s performance.

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A program is a list of instructions for your computer. Processes are those instructions being executed. They require resources from the Central Processing Unit (CPU). If there are too many processes trying to run at the same time, there are not enough resources to go around. This leads to sluggishness and poor performance.

How to Find Background Processes

Some processes on your PC “run in the background.” This means they operate without user interaction and might not be immediately noticeable. An example is a process that monitors your software to ensure it is up to date. While at times helpful, processes such as these can decrease your PC’s performance.

Run a scan with SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus to find background processes.

Unwanted Processes

The following processes are safe, but can hurt performance and, unless you have specific requirements, are not needed.

  • Reader_sl.exe: This is called the “Speed Launcher” and assists Adobe Reader in launching quickly. It uses valuable resources and can be disabled without drastically increasing Reader’s load time.
  • Msmsgs.exe: It is for instant messaging (IM) using MSN. If you are not using it, shut it off to save resources.
  • Rthdcpl.exe: This helps you reach the Realtek High Definition Audio Control Panel. You can get there without it running in the background.
  • Lgfxpers.exe: Offering easy access to the Intel graphics control panel, this process is not needed by most users.
  • Qttask.exe: Used to launch Quick Time from the System Tray, you can save resources by turning it off if not needed.

Essential Process

When reducing the number of processes running on your PC, be careful not to eliminate something your computer needs. Below are some essential processes that Windows needs:

  • Explorer.exe
  • Taskmgr.exe
  • Spoolsv.exe
  • Csrss.exe
  • Winlogon.exe
  • Servives.exe
  • Svchost.exe (there will likely be more than one of these)

Bonus Tip: Don’t Forget About Startup

Some unwanted processes get a head start on slowing down your PC by launching at startup. You can control which processes start when you boot up. By paring down this list, you can improve your startup times.

A fast way to prevent unwanted processes from launching at startup is to disable them using SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus’ free Startup Manager tool. When the program is launched, click on Tools and then Startup Manager. A sorted list of what will launch at startup will appear. If you don’t want a process to launch, just uncheck the box next to it. You can then close SparkTrust PC Cleaner Plus or use other features.


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