Is Your Password One of the Worst? 2016’s Most Common Passwords, Revealed

Earlier this month, Keeper Security revealed the most common passwords of 2016. Why does this matter? It shows that despite the multiple warnings, recommendations, and ultimately account breaches, people still fall upon old habits of using weak passwords.

While it may seem harmless to reuse your own password, it’s important to remember that this also creates vulnerability across those accounts. It can be all too easy to fall prey to security fatigue. Each day, we are all subjected to an overwhelming amount of security alerts and reminders to keep accounts safe, making it easy to become numb to the cues about proper PC and account security. One of the most common slip-ups in this regard is password strength.

If you don’t feel confident in your ability to keep track of your passwords, take the time to install a password manager tool or create an encrypted document to store your passwords safely.

What to Do if You’re Using Common Passwords:

  • Evaluate your accounts and identify which ones need password changes.
  • Use a password generator to create a unique, complex, and strong password.
  • Keep track of your passwords in a secure way (e.g. an encrypted file or a password management tool).

Check out Keeper’s results of the most common passwords in 2016:

Keeper Security Common Passwords of 2016
Image via Keeper

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