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Why You Should Tape Over Your Webcam Right Now

When people saw that Mark Zuckerberg covered his laptop’s webcam with a piece of tape, and then heard the Director of the FBI, James Comey, offer a similar recommendation, many people were still on the fence as to whether or not it was prudent to follow suit. Our verdict? Yes, you should tape over your webcam. Why risk the potential exploit from a hacker?

The Risk of Choosing Not to Tape Over Your Webcam

While it may sound silly that a piece of tape could mean the difference between having a secure or unsecure built-in webcam, consider instead the beauty of how a potential intrusion on your privacy can be thwarted by a piece of opaque tape.

Leaving your webcam as-is opens your life behind the screen open to hackers to exploit—even if you disable the webcam, because if your computer gets hacked, that setting could be switched back on without your knowledge. This could lead to a live stream of your home, private pictures being taken of you or your family, or even provide the viewer with the ability to see other confidential information that is visible from the webcam.

Essentially anything with a built-in camera is susceptible to this type of hack and breach of privacy, so take the time to consider all of the smart devices in your home and do a quick inventory of the ones that have a camera.

Take a minute to place a piece of tape over your webcam today, and get peace of mind knowing that someone who shouldn’t be watching you simply can’t.

Bonus Tip: You may also want to review your computer’s built-in microphone settings to ensure it’s disabled. Some even go so far as to put a dead-end audio jack into the output to ensure no audio streams can be recorded by remote hackers.

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