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Are You Using a VPN for Business, Yet?

Many people are trying to find ways to make their Internet connections more secure and businesses are no exception. A VPN for business provides not only additional security, but makes working more convenient for traveling employees. If you’re not already using a VPN for business, it may be time to consider implementing one.

Understanding a VPN

VPN stands for virtual private network. As the name implies, a virtual network is created that helps block prying eyes. It’s both secure and private, which is why many schools and businesses use this type of network. Unlike a public network, you need specific credentials to access the network.

All data you send and receive is encrypted automatically. IT professionals refer to the link between your devices and the Internet as a tunnel. Hackers have to hack into the tunnel to gain access to your data. While a VPN doesn’t make your device immune to malware, it will help prevent hackers from gaining access to a business device while connected to the network via a VPN.

Network Security With a VPN for Business

As you might already know, public Wi-Fi isn’t exactly secure. With many employees working remotely, you don’t want them accessing confidential documents that any decent hacker could see easily. Every email, document, and even keystroke an employee makes could easily become public knowledge. There isn’t even a guarantee that a public network is a legitimate network.

A VPN for business prevents this from being a concern. Even if the Wi-Fi network has been created by hackers, a VPN still locks them out. All data sent and received is encrypted. You’re not just protecting your employees. You’re protecting your entire business.

Different levels of VPN options are available to provide higher or lower levels of security. For optimal security, it’s important to train all employees on how to properly access a VPN and log out after use to prevent unauthorized access.

VPN for Business for Anywhere Access

Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular. One study shows that 50% of US employees telecommute at least some of the time. One of the reasons many businesses still don’t offer a telecommute option is due to security concerns. You don’t want to offer public access to your business network.

This is where a VPN for business helps you. Employees are able to log in from home, a coffee shop, a hotel, or anywhere else securely. The connection is private and it’s easy to control access by employee, device, and even time.

A VPN for business is easy to implement and the benefits are well worth the cost.

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